With effect from 8th May 2018 S.J @ Snooks Steakhouse has ceased trading and entered bankruptcy proceedings.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly however after just short of ten years trading within the Barrhead community difficult trading conditions and increasing costs have made continuing to operate no longer economically viable. We had no advance notice of this until late on Monday 7th May and our hand was forced following an unforeseen and sharp increase in rent with demands being made for immediate payment. Thank you to our loyal customers over the years.

If you have outstanding meal deal vouchers or gift vouchers  - If you paid by credit card please contact your credit card company for a refund in the first instance. For Paypal payments,  Paypal have started issuing refunds for transactions and will continue to work on each case. For cash and debit card payments please check back here for details of the appointed liquidator to contact regarding a refund. 

All of the team at SJ @ Snooks